Eat like a local
in your favorite restaurants

Pay seamlessly, skip lines and get exclusive perks
No waiting, no lines
Preorder and you're all set
Your dish will be served as soon as you arrive.
Ultra fast
Get you meal fresh and hot 5 min since its left the oven.
Skip lines at counter service and don't wait for check at full service restaurants

How it works?

Don't wait for the check

Josh comes to a restaurant and says: "I'm with ASAP". Waiter knows Josh's favorites: matcha latte and almond croissant. When Josh's done he just leaves, the bill is already paid.
Your dish served immediately

Greg can't wait so he ordered his lunch ahead through the app. His meal was waiting for him when he arrived, not vice-versa.
Fast delivery to your office

When the weather's bad, Ann orders delivery to her office. Her food is brought within 3-5 mins after it's prepared, still hot.

We're launching in Los Angeles soon. Stay tuned.

ASAP organizes corporate dining that saves time and money

We know corporate dining seems tough. We make it nice and easy.
Simple accounting and management
Preordering or office delivery eliminates useless waiting and gathers everyone together.
Employees save time for things that matter
Get burgers, pizzas or sushi delivered from the best restaurants within one click.
Having party or team meeting?

Get $300 if we start working with your company

Познакомь со своей компанией
Расскажи, с кем нам связаться, а мы подарим тебе 5 000 ₽, если начнем сотрудничать.
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Restaurants improve their revenue by 16-25%

Increase table turnover and customer service
New revenue streams
Your own CRM that allows you to drive customers back to your venue
Start growing your customer base from day one
Waiters save 3 minutes on each guest and get real-time recommendations on each client.
Reach corporate clients and business diners who value their time.

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